In the 1960’s, Vern Waskom, a well-known and respected salesman from Northern California, decided to translate his love of golf into a thriving local business known as the Vern Waskom Company.

Through this venture, he prided himself on delivering only the best products such as Arnold Palmer, Pro Group, Texace, Golf Pride, Winn, and other well-known brands. Vern worked to develop a reputation for knowing his customers, carrying a strong inventory, and of course, having a prompt and professional delivery service.

In June 2011, Vern felt it was time to pass on his legacy and Vern Waskom Company was sold to John Bearden PGA. John, a second generation PGA member, brought a wealth of experience and knowledge in club management, instruction, and golf operations.

Quickly after, John’s son, Zack joined the team bringing in sales, inventory management, and operations skills to their company. In 2019, they made the decision to rebrand as VW Golf Inc. that allowed them to refresh their name, yet honor the original founder, Vern Waskom.

Currently, VW Golf Inc., DBA carries the top-of-the-line brands including Golf Pride, Super Stroke, Winn and other golf grips, as well as a full line of golf shop accessories, bulk tees,
golf pencils, golf repair items, and custom products.

Orders placed Monday-Saturday typically ship same day.

VW Golf Inc. looks forward to meeting all your golf needs during these challenging times.

Reach out anytime. We are happy to help!

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